About Us

We're a young company aiming to design and implement behavioural solutions. Whether your company or organization is looking to solve a problem or optimise what is already good enough, we will be able to help if human behaviour is a factor. And, spoiler alert, it most often is.

In engaging with us, you will receive professional and specialist advice. We deliver solutions and optimisations based partly on our experience and expertise, but always mainly anchored in data and behavioural science.

We believe in knowledge-based decisions and interventions, rather than relying on gut feeling. We prefer testing our designs and interventions, to know that they actually work, to possibly optimise them, and to ensure both you and us against typical consultant hogwash. That is why we believe in always looking at the data. We can find the important patterns in your already collected data, advise on what data should be collected or aid in collecting new data so that you can better understand whatever challenges you face. Data is of course 'just' data, knowing what the correct data to collect and how to analyse it is key. That is what we do for a living.


Andreas Rathmann

Founder & Behavioural Architect

Andreas attained his Master's Degree in Psychology at the University of Copenhagen in 2017. He has been working with behaviour in a range of contexts since 2013.

Andreas is especially interested in simplification of complex systems, attention, risk, productivity, machine learning, and whatever the topic of the latest book he's reading is.

Jonas Bjørneskjold

Founder & Behavioural Architect

Jonas attained his Master's Degree in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen in 2020. He graduated as a 1st lieutenant from the Royal Danish Army Academy in 2012, deployed to Iraq in 2016, and is still serving as a reserve officer, currently undergoing the Battalion Command Course. Jonas has been working with behaviour since 2016.

Jonas' interests are effort cognition, leadership, professional groups and teams, anti-terrorism protection, physical security, IT and information security, risk management, how to objectivise decision processes and the physical work environment.

When not in uniform or a suit, Jonas trains and competes in CrossFit and produces media content for the sport of fitness as part of Crossfedtministeriet.

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