Our Services

We can help you in a multitude of ways. If you are curious about behavioural architecture, behavioural design or nudging and want to work with experts then we recommend that you contact us via +45 50 99 69 43 or contact@bhave.dk. We will be able to help you identify precisely which behavioural challenges you are facing, and point to how behavioural science can best help you. kan skabe værdi for jer.


We will provide you with inputs, new approaches and solutions - all based on behavioural science - in relation to your unique challenges.

When you need a psychological perspective, a new angle or access to the behavioural architectural toolbox.


We solve one or more issues for you, through a process where we analyse, data crunch and develop solutions. We will implement solutions in cooperation with you and validate their effects.

When you are faced with bigger challenges, that demand a more comprehensive approach.


We will give a talk where we go through behavioural architecture 101, do's and don'ts. We will deliver inspiring examples and cases, which can be suited to what is the most relevant to your industry and situation.

When you are curious about behavioural architecture, nudging or another iteration of behavioural science, when you are about to engage with the approach or when you want to inspire your employees.


We will execute a workshop for select employees, where we will lay out theory and method of the behavioural approach, equipping you with ready-made tools in your own behavioural architectural toolbox. We are naturally not able to make anyone an expert over a course, but by focusing on the applied side and the specific context relevant for your company or organization - we will make you a superuser where it is most relevant for you.

When you want to begin using behavioural insights in your company or organization or if you're already engaged with the approach but want to level up.

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